The V Lash Lift Course

Are you looking for an alternative eyelash service to learn besides extensions? The more you can add to your services, the higher your client base will be. Why the V Lash Lift? Not everyone is comfortable with eyelash extensions. In the last 10 years we have been servicing the V Lash Lift technique to clients from all over the world with 100% return rate. Our highly advanced technique and experiences with all types of eyes & ethnicities have brought our establishment to another level. Giving your clients options will give YOU more opportunities to build upon your career or business. Once you’ve nailed down our unique technique, with our one-day, training there is no one you cannot work on with confidence!


  • You want to achieve a higher client-base for yourself and business
  • You want a variety of services & give your clients options to which service they are most comfortable with
  • Excited to work less and make more=Work smarter, not harder!
  • You’re already a certified lash technician that is not making enough- but you see other eye lash artists who are fully booked making $100,000 per year and you wonder why it’s not happening for you.
In the V Lash Lift course, Victoria will be personally sharing to you all of her skills and techniques accumulated over the last 10 years, everything you need to know in just one day, from theory of products, knowledge of eye shapes and the health of your clients lashes to application and marketing. Top celebrities, supermodels, fashion influencers and high-profile clients have rated the V Lash Lift to be at the highest-level in this industry. Anyone can learn how to apply and service a lash lift, but our goal is to educate you nothing but the best catering to every situation!
When you finish the V Lash Lift one-day course, you will understand what and what not to use for the type of client you have. Each client will be very special and unique because each experience is customized to the clients desire and needs. You will have the ability and capability to identify all situations. You can fix and undue bad work they’ve experienced from another technician. What you learn will help you communicate and build trust in your clienteles!

This course is one (1) day and 8 hours long.

Cost: $1000 (which includes $150 worth of products)

Course Curriculum

·     Eyelash Anatomy/Growth & Eye Shapes

·     Product & Tool Knowledge

·     Lash Types & Health

·     Patch Testing

·     Eye Taping

·     Proper Hygiene & Safety

·     When Not to Lash

·     Correct Processing

·     Reactions, Allergies & Sensitivities

·     Preparation Before Appointments

·     Client Consultation

·     Consent Overview

·     V Lash Lift Application Method

·     Different Lash Style

·     Undue Bad Work Techniques

·     Pricing & Client Retention

·     Marketing & Social Media


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