Microblading and permanent makeup has quickly become a trending beauty service. At Victoria’s Lash Stop in Beverly Hills, we take pride in being experienced and licensed beauticians. Each of our team members are extremely knowledgeable and have acquired great skills when it comes to applying permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup are micro pigments that are implanted into your skin. Consultations are required before any permanent makeup sessions are started. Each consultation is complimentary. To achieve your desired shape, we first drawn it on prior to the procedure. Permanent makeup gives you a fresh and ready-to-go look without exerting much work. This is especially beneficial to those who struggle applying makeup on a daily basis. We offer many types of colors, as well as custom mix colors. All tattoos come with one free touch up after 4-6 weeks of the initial procedure. Different techniques are used depending on the tattoo, each will be discussed during your consultations!


Session Pricing
Solid Eyebrow Tattoo $650.00
Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo $800.00 – $1500.00
Eyeliner – Top $500.00
Eyeliner – Bottom $250.00
Eyeliner – Top & Bottom $600.00
Beauty Marks $200.00+

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