Beverly Hills comes to YOU!

The V Lash Academy offers your salon a three-day personal training course given by Victoria Dinh, the eyelash artist to the stars!  Victoria comes to your country to train your team in the artistry of eyelash extensions & eyelash lifts.  You will be able to advertise and market to your clientele that your staff / artist has been trained by the Beverly Hill’s Queen of Eyelashes, Victoria Dinh herself!

Three Day Program 
  • V Lash Extension course (2) days 8 hours per day (V Lash Extension Course)
  • V Lash Lift course (1) day 8 hours (V Lash Lift Course)
  • Up to ten (10) students allowed ($1,800) for each additional student over the initial ten) (10)
  • Students / Salon / Schools need to supply location for the classes & models. (location includes, one bed for every 2 students, lighting, supplies)
  • Each student will receive a V Lash kit with $500 in V lash products.
V Lash Training is available in most international countries.

Cost Requirements

  • Three (3) day course cost is $21,000 plus travel for two (business class tickets from Los Angeles) hotel accommodations (one suite), ground transportation to and from the airport)
  • Initial purchase of V products;  $5,000 (20% discount from retail price)
For any questions don’t hesitate to email us at: